We don’t use the word “sustainable” as a marketing gimmick. We know consumers are tired of greenwashing. Not all companies are truly sustainable and sustainability isn’t a label that can be applied equally. The only way a company can be trusted to be sustainable is through transparency and the education of its consumers.  

The Sensitive Type believes that the future of beauty is 'slow'. We encourage the mindful consumption of products, and support this by creating high quality and long-lasting products, as well as adopting more sustainable business practices such as not over-ordering stock.

Our Packaging and Products

We commit to using recyclable products and packaging, because of this our products may look a little different from what you are used to seeing. We have banned single-use plastics from our supply chain, and commit to finding alternatives for plastic where possible.

Our Bottles

We're reducing the quantity of plastic waste created by the beauty industry, by using glass for our bottles.

Our bottles are made of recycled clear glass, as clear glass is infinitely recyclable and are printed using soy-based inks.

Our Dream Clean and Calm Cream bottle tops are made from aluminium as it can also be infinitely recycled without loss of quality. A small portion of our bottle mechanism (pump) is made using HDPE (high density polyethylene) which is also recyclable.

The only non-recyclable element of our entire brand is our Cloud Tonic rubber dropper, which can either be placed in your normal waste bin or sent back to us.

Our Boxes

Our product boxes and packaging are made of compostable and recyclable cardboard and printed using natural soy-based inks. We choose to use post-consumer materials whenever possible.

If you want to find out ways to reuse, compost or recycle our products, including the shipping materials you receive head to our FAQ’s page for a how to guide.

Responsible Formulas

We formulate all our products here in Australia, sourcing ingredients from local suppliers where posisble. Our formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and won't cause harm to oceans once you wash your face.

One Percent for the Planet

We are also a proud member of One Percent for the Planet – a global network of certified and openly accountable businesses who give at least 1% of revenue to environmental causes.

Future Plans

We are currently working to find sustainable ways to offer refills and samples that do not involve single use plastics. In addition to this, we are working towards achieving a carbon neutral status.

Our sustainability focus is ever evolving with advancements in technology, and we commit to staying up to date with improvements that we can adopt in our supply chain. If you have any sustainability suggestions for us, please drop us a note at